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Hi! I'm Jen, a.k.a. Nami or crazyjen.
Disclaimer -
I'm a loud, crazy, coffee-drinking, writing, artist with a tendency to talk, dance and sing to myself in public, who refuses to ever be silent and is by no stretch of the imagination popular anywhere with anyone. I can't be held responsible for things that may or may not happen to you should you stay around me.
Proud to be a Slytherin. Love for all Hogwarts Houses! That's what's up!
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Today is the 29th- which is the day The Curse of Maleficent releases and I am allowed to show you lovely people some art. 
Curse is a book for young adult readers- a companion for the upcoming Maleficent movie!

Illustrations by me, written by Elizabeth Rudnick :)

You can order it online right here :D

Reblogging for the morning people! Book is ouuuut :D


a small collection of somewhat disturbing, but otherwise entertaining posts

"It’s a big thing, it’s a big responsibility. James Dean is one of my favorite actors and I feel a very big responsibility to honor him and the person that he was, in this film… What inspires me about James Dean is not the person he was but the actor he was. He was such a talented actor. And when you go back and watch his films, the way he’s acting and his freedom and his believability and he just throws himself into it and lives in the moment. He’s doing everything that a modern day actor aspires to be, and that juxtaposes all of his movies with old school actors. That’s what’s cool to me about James Dean. Not the iconic figure that he’s been turned into, and what everybody thinks of when they think of James Dean and his rebellious nature – it’s the actor he was, that’s what appeals to me about James Dean.” —Dane DeHaan, on the responsibility he feels taking on the role of James Dean in the upcoming biopic, Life. [X]

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First look at the footage aboard the Hogwarts Express in WWOHP (x)

pushing daisies rewatch → 1x01 “Pie-lette”


friends reunite. 

Make me choose - mrslotr askd: Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?

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Frick you, he’s a mathlete.

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